Source: Chandrababu Naidu’s Son Nara Lokesh Took Oath As a Minister Of Andhra Pradesh Government | Modi 3.0
Source: Nara Lokesh, TDP National General Secretary, Takes Oath As Minister Of Andhra Pradesh | India Today
Nara Family with Sri Narendra Modi, PM of India.

I thank Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri Nara Chandra Babu Naidu Garu for placing his trust in me and allocating the portfolios of HR, IT & Electronics and RTG. I am confident that my earlier experience as PR&RD minister will come to best use as I begin my journey to take livelihood education to the rural pockets of the State, skilling our Youth to embrace jobs in emerging industries. I will restart from where I left in 2019 to attract IT and Electronic companies and generate jobs for our youth, who have been forced to migrate out of the State. This time, Andhra Pradesh will give fierce competition to other states and grab every opportunity to deliver on our promise of 20 lakh jobs in 5 years.